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Our Services

Creative Development

Are you an artist, or a creative with an idea, but need direction and developer? We have an incredible team of creative directors and developers who have an incredible track record that


Our marketing division is comprised of digital and traditional marketing specialists. Our team uses the newest methods and the most effective tools and strategies to help market and promote projects of all types !


Our team is comprised of top industry producers of all calibers. Our team does audio, video, and photography production. Whether you need one element of production or the full circle, our team has you covered. 


Maybe you need advice, from a trusted industry professional, or maybe you need someone to look at a deal you've been offered. No matter what your situation is, we have an advisor to help guide and advise you.

Public Relations (PR)

Our Publicity Department Specializes in Earned media, as well as Paid media opportunities.


 Our PR division is comprised of top tier publicists and media experts who know how to do PR, for a fair price. At FCAO, we are in-house, which means we never outsource or resell.


We have a team of GFX designers, artists, and website technicians and designers. Our design team is dedicated and trusted by thousands of people world wide!

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